Below you can find my portfolio.

Talmundo Onboarding App


Talmundo’s employee onboarding solution helps you easily build an inspiring onboarding journey for your employees. Our software blends HR best practices with your company’s culture to deliver a great onboarding experience that will positively impact your business by getting your hires up and running and integrated faster. That’s onboarding for the new digital world! Keep scrolling to see some highlights from an example digital journey as experienced by a new hire. As a consultant and backend developer I was responsible for coordinating DevOps and creating this application for over 3 years.



I am co-creator of IqScreen application, inteligent commercials provider, Polish Innovation Award 2019 laureatee. Application is responsible for showing commercials to taxi passangers based on the AI. It reads lot of parameters from your face and presents only commercials which suits to your age, gender, localization and time of a day. I prepared full backend solution in cooperation with Mobile Developer who created mobile applicaiton part, contracted by In1 AI Sp z o.o.


In the past I have been working as well for PCMI Corporation - USA company offering policy claim management software. I have been part of development team creating this solution.